About Revit

In every country and in almost every city of Europe, there are brownfield areas which need to be revitalised in order to preserve or improve the quality of urban living conditions. The revitalisation of brownfield sites may enhance coherent urban development, but can also create new employment and stimulate the local economy. Last but not least, revitalising brownfields for a variety of future uses preserves greenfield sites and prevents the growing consumption of land. Therefore REVIT strive to achieve a higher acceptance and better image for revitalised brownfield sites by testing their own models and tools on the local project areas of each partner and reporting best practice examples in this context to other cities and regions in Europe.

The project had its lifetime from Spring 2003 to Autumn 2007.

This homepage aims at bringing together the experiences and results of the project in an innovative way. Starting with the key messages and recommendations you can follow our guiding trail to step in deeper into the theme until you finally experience the detailed reports on various aspects of brownfield regeneration.