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The conference was presented by REVIT and CABERNET. But what or who is that? What were the main political issues of the conference and what did the participants say about the event and the topic of brownfield regeneration. During the Conference Radio Lotte was present with their Radio- rickshaw and conduct interviews with VIPs as well as participants.

A summary is available here (MP3 5.7 MB)
All original long versions of the interviews can be experienced at


5th REVIT newsletter August 2007

Special issue: The 2nd International Conference on Managing Urban Land

The conference was such an outstanding event that we decided to have a special issue of our REVIT newsletter. In short you will be informed about the different sessions, workshops and activities.

News 5    5th REVIT newsletter (PDF 0.9 MB)


The REVIT story.wmv

How many seminars and conferences have you been to watch a play, especially a play about sustainable brownfield site redevelopment? If you had come to the REVIT final conference in April 2007 you would have witnessed an extraordinary event. Project staff, from 4 different countries and 5 partner areas played out respective roles in an hour long “mock up” of a TV show.

The “REVIT Story”, as it became known, aimed to convey the key messages of the project. We did a cut version of the play of about 15 minutes. Enjoy this very unusual way of presentation of project results.

REVIT Story    The REVIT story (WMV 96.7 MB)


REVIT spin-off: EUBRA

What is happening to REVIT after its project lifetime? Numerous background studies, new findings, best practice examples and guidelines how to apply the new methods in practice were developed during the project. However integrated approaches are still lacking to combine the most outstanding results of different RTD and INTERREG projects.
Therefore the REVIT partners initiated the EUBRA activity. EUBRA aims at bringing together the multifaceted activities related to the topic of "Brownfields" from the several INTERREG co-operation zones. Furthermore new knowledge of the RDT Framework Programmes is included. With regard to the new funding period 2007 – 2013 the main objective of the EUBRA activity is the booklet “EUBRA Agenda” which can support policy makers and programme managers in setting priorities in future national and international funding programmes. It is also meant to serve for potential project applicants as orientation guide in order to clearly determine the fields of action at project level and act as a basis for upcoming projects in order to streamline future activities as well as to avoid duplication of work.

EUBRA Agenda    Visit our EUBRA homepage at to download the EUBRA Agenda.


Proceedings and Final Programme of the 2nd International Conference on Managing Urban Land

The Conference took place from 25th – 27th April 2007 in Stuttgart.
With more than 550 participants from Europe, Mexico, Brasil, USA, Asia and Africa as well as 44 Exhibitors the 2nd Conference on managing urban land was a big success. But not only these numbers show that the issue of land regeneration is of growing interest. There was also a strong political aspect on the conference.

If you wish to order the proceedings of this outstanding event please write to the German Environmental Agency: [email protected] or download your copy here

Although the conference is past in the meantime you might be interested to see who was present as speaker and what were the core topics. We therefore still provide here the download of the final programme.

REVIT Cabernet    Programm REVIT & CABERNET (PDF 1.7 MB)


4th REVIT newsletter October 2006

Update – REVIT local projects

This brochure intends to give you both an overview of the state of transnational work on development of the toolkits and an overview of the local work with the application of the tools in the local projects. Of course, this issue is not the latest one but you may be interested to follow the process of development of the REVIT results, especially in the REVIT partner cities.

News 4    4th REVIT newsletter (PDF 1.2 MB)