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Financing and Marketing Recommendations

The challenges of brownfield redevelopment cannot be financed solely by the public. PPP models and marketing communication are keys to mobilise substantial contributions from private investments.
Public private partnerships are not a target in themselves. It is one of the financing techniques for brownfield development. PPP's must have advantages for both partners, like risks sharing and bringing in mutual expertise.
Both the public and the private parties must have a clear view on forehand of their own ideas and expectations. They have to know what they want, what they can do and what they cannot do.
Transparency in the cooperation and communication throughout the whole project period is essential.
Private partners should be selected in an open, transparent tendering procedure via a “competitive dialogue”
High qualities of the private as well as the public partner to manage the complex process of brownfield redevelopment are more important than the ability to execute the various tasks itself.
Finance is one aspect of brownfield regeneration; the “social context”, both within the project team and in the community are as important as well.
Brownfield promotion need special attention; it is not obvious for private partners to join in the redevelopment.
Marketing brownfields need a unique selling point [USP] and a positive image as a first step towards a strategic marketing approach.
Branding and communication are key activities of a successful strategic marketing approach.