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Stakeholder Engagement Recommendations

It is essential to understand the cultural, legislative and statutory requirements for stakeholder engagement in the local area.
Sufficient budget and resources should be allocated in order to ensure that the stakeholder engagement process is implemented effectively throughout the project. Engagement costs are likely to be higher for brownfield sites than for comparable standard urban developments; however, they represent only a small proportion of the overall project development costs. If you are going to do it at all, ensure that this is done properly!
It is vital to obtain institutional Buy-in in order for the goals and content of the engagement process to be successful. This support from decision-makers at political and developer levels must begin as early as possible and continue throughout the life of the project.
It is important to identify and evaluate the stakeholders and select appropriate methods of engagement to suit the target groups and their abilities. Each engagement exercise should be planned according to the individual circumstances involved.
The legislative framework on stakeholder engagement is not usually sufficient on its own to enable maximisation of the potential benefits of a brownfield development project. A structured procedure should be followed in order to plan and execute a stakeholder engagement programme as early as possible and maintain it throughout the life of the project.