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Sustainable city quarters can be achieved, if sustainability issues are implemented in a well structured planning process from the beginning. Quantifiable sustainability targets should be defined and broken down to the scale of single houses, to which their realisation can be finally checked.
Use high quality sustainable regeneration processes to maximise the marketing potential of market brownfield development sites.
Use creative instruments of participation to increase awareness of sustainable development related to brownfield sites amongst the public, politicians and professionals and to communicate with investors and other stakeholders.
It is important to recognise that brownfield sites frequently have a greater negative impact on sustainable issues than standard urban development sites. These could be environmental, economic or social.
It is essential to understand the legislative and statutory requirements for environmental sustainability in the local area.
Undertake a sustainable development assessment, followed by a management plan supported by plans for monitoring, reviewing and auditing.
It is essential for all involved in the development to agree at the outset responsibility for sustainable development issues and who will make decisions.
Include the environmental issues already in the planning phase of brownfield redevelopment project. Realise this in a flexible and creative way considering also the context of the overall environmental quality of the area.